Fuel-magazine for steam-generators

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  • Publication Date: June 02, 1885
  • Publication Number: US-319005-A



(No Model.) G. MEHRING. FUEL MAGAZINE FOR STEAM GENERATORS. No. 319,005. Patented June 2, 1885. WITNESSES Unrrno Starts Parana @rrrcn. GEORGE MEHRING, OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. FUEL-MAGAZINE FOR STEAM-GENERATORS. EPECEFICATIGN forming part of Letters Patent No. 319,005, dated June 1835- Application filed March .27, 1885. (No model.) To aZZ whom it may concern: Be it known that I, GEORGE Manama, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Chicago, county of Cook, and State of Illinois, have invented new and useful Improvements in Fuel-Magazines for SteanrGenerators, of which the following is a specification, rcference being bad to the accompanying drawings, illustrating the invention in which like letters indicate like parts in the different figures. The purpose of this invention is to simplify the construction and facilitate the working of a two-part or telescopic fuel-magazine employed in the fire-boxes of steanrgenerators, whereby the fines of the generator can be exposed for cleaning. The working of a twopart fuel-magazine over the grates of a firebox has been attended wit-h two difficulties. The one is the escaping gas when the lower section is being raised, and the other is the destruction of the raising mechanism by the heat. I have overcome these difficulties by suspending the lower section by rods which pass through a ring on the top of the upper section, the same rods also being employed to elevate the said lower section by means of loops or handles formed on their upper ends for that purpose. By this construction no gas can escape during the manipulation of the lower section, and no part can become fouled or get out of working order. As to the he cessity of the device, it is observed by careful experiment that the screws, pulleys, and cords which are employed to telescope magazines located outside of the firebox become wholly inoperative when placed inside of the fire-box in consequence of the intense heat. Figure l is a vertical longitudinal section of the front portion of a steam-generating furnace and a sectional elevation of my invention combined therewith; Fig. 2, an elevation of the lower section of the magazine, a sectional elevation of the upper section thereof, and a transverse sectional elevation of the steamgenerator; Fig. 3, a top view of the magazine removed from the furnace. G represents the firebox, I the grate-bars, H the crown-sheet, F the wagon-top, K the furnace-door, and J the boiler, of a well-known modern steam-generator. B represents the cylindrical upper section of the magazine, which at its ends is attached to the crown-sheet H and the wagon-top F, and on the top of this section is removably attached a ring, E, on which the lid 0 to the magazine is placed. A represents the lower section of the magazine, which is constructed with reference to the stationary part B, so as to be telescoped or raised up into it. This is done by means of rods or chains a a, attached to the top of the lower section, and extending through the ring E, and above the ring E are provided with loop-handles D D, which by hearing on the ring E sustain the weight of the section A and furnish means for lifting out the said section by hand and uncovering the boilerflues J. The section A is fitted loosely in the stationary part B; but is large enough to prevent coal from passing down between them. The material used for the magazine is cast-iron. The form shown is cylindrical; but other forms may be employed. Having thus described my invention, what- I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, In telescopic fuel-magazines, the upper stationary section, 13, attached to the crownsheet H and wagon-top F and placed over the grates of the fire-box, in combination with the lower section, A, and ring E, and also with the rods a a, which are attached to the said section A,extend through the ring E, and are provided with loop-handles D D at their top ends for suspending the lower section from the ring and elevating it, as and for the purpose specified. GE-ORGE MEHRING. Witnesses: G. L. CHAPIN, A. G. Money.



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