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  • Publication Date: April 07, 1885
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(No ModeL) G'. L. BAILEY. NET STAFF, No. 315,107. Patented Apr. 7, 1885. J ggf l ,IRI/671157? Mfg -Z UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. GILBERT L. BAILEY, OF PORTLAND, MAINE. NET-STAFF. SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 315,107, dated April 7, 1885. Application tiled August 25, 1884. (No model.) T @ZZ whom. t may concern: y Be it known that I, GILBERT L. BAILEY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Portland, in the county of Cumberland and State of Maine, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Net-Staffs, of which the following is a specification. My invention relates to improvements in the head of that class of net-statfs used by fishermen for landing or dip nets in which an elastic or spring hoop is employed, and has for its objects to provide a Detstatf head of such construction as to conveniently receive and rmly support the ends of an' elastic hoop and per- Init the same to be easily removed, and having no separable parts to get lost or loose. I attain these objects by the mechanism illustrated in lthe accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a vertical section of the head and a portion of the staff, Fig. 2, a top view of the head; Fig. 3, a detailed View in perspective of the head and a portion of the staff and hoop, and Fig. 4 a view of the hoop or strip'of which the hoop is made. Similar letters referto similar' parts throughout the several views. My invention consists in a hollow cylinder or ferrule, D, terminating in a rectangular head, K, having a dat-bottomed recess, A, formed in its upper surface, with pins or studs G G rising therefrom, and slots F F opening intosaid recess from the under sideof the projecting portions B B. Ferrule D is fixed on the smaller end of staff E, which carries at its larger end a screwbutt cap or screwcapped ferrule, or, if preferred, an ordinary ferrule. The net-hoop C is made of a narrow flat strip of spring-tempered metal, preferably brass, of a length to give the desired size of hoop, and has a small hole through it near each end,corresponding in size with studs G G. Toput the hoop in position for use, one end is passed through slot F and over one of the The elasticity of the hoop causesthe u those of inverted slots F. The' width of the l hoop corresponds with that of the recess and slots, which, together with studs G G, pre- 'Vents any lateral play or drawing out of the hoop. To remove the hoop, grasp it near one side of the head and bend it down until its end comes off the stud, then remove it from the slot and let it straighten out, when the other end can be readily removed, and the strip placed within the staff, which may be made hollow for that purpose. I am aware of the invention of Chas. F. Nason, patent dated 4August 81, 1875, No. 167,189; also of O. M. Muncaster, dated Feb. ruary 13, 1883, No. 272,305, and that of R. J. Velles, dated March 6, 1883, No. 273,651, and do not claim any part of their inventions; but. Having described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, 1. Head K, having recess A, slot-s F F, and studs G G, in combination with stai E and elastic hoop O, substantially as herein described. 2. A net-staff head composed of one piece provided with a hollow cylindrical base, a re. cess in its upper surface, and slots or grooves in portions of its under surface opening into said recess, adapted to receive and support the ends of an elastic net-hoop, substantially as herein set forth. GILBERT L. BAILEY. Vitnesses: WILLIAM E. KNIGHT, J. E. FoBEs.



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