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  • Publication Date: June 10, 1884
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(No Model.) G. W MoGILL. SUSPBNDINGDB'VIGE. No. 800,100; 0 Patented June 10, 1884, Crmssfisz; w v INVENTOR /QYW 11% Y'm/z UNITED STATES PATENT` OFFICE.. GEORGE W. MCGILL, OF RIVERDALE, NEW'YORK. SUSPENDING DEVICE. SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 300,100, ate June 10, 1884. Application filed December 19, 1883. (No model.) ` ings, making part of this specification, and to the figuresand letters of reference marked thereon, in which similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts. My present invention consists in an improvementon the suspending device described in United States Letters Patent No. 214,166, is- ` sued to me April 8, 1879, which represents and describes a metal staple having its head extended on one side, and pierced to form aloop or ring, adapting the staple to hang or suspend upon a hook or nail the article bound by it, the said device, like my present improvement thereon, being adapted to beoperated in the staple-inserting machine upon which 'United States Letters Patent No. 212,316 were issued to me February 18, 1879, and which is known to the public as McGill's Patent Single-Stroke Staple-Press iMy present improvement consists in providing one side of the staple-head with an extension folded so as to form a hinging-lug, in which is hung or hinged a metal 'ring or loop, the object being to enable the ring or loop to be turned down upon the card or print to which the device may be attached, to permit itspacking, transportation, or mailing without injury, which often occurs When the ring of the suspending device projects rigidly beyond the surface of the card to which it is attached. .In making the device, both its ring and body part may be given a variety of forms, care being taken, however, that no shape be given this part of the device that would interfere with the reception and sliding of its penetrating -shanks in the guidinggrooves of the .staple-inserting machine before referred to. met-al blank from which the staple part of Fig. 2 is fashioned; and Fig. 4 represents a 'cross-section of the device, taken on the line w x of Fig. 2. p A represents the staple-head or body part; b b, the penetrating-shanks of the staple; O, its hinging-extension or folded neck, and D its suspending ring or loop. The device is fashioned from a piece of sheet metal, having' its penetrating shanks b b pointed and bent down at right angles from its head A on lines a a, and its neck O folded around the ring D, as shown in the drawings. The ring D may be of wire or struck from flat metal. The device so constructed is attached to the article to be suspended by means of its penetrating-shanks in the usual manner. VVhat I claim as my invention, and dcsire to secureby Letters Patent, is- As an improved article of manufacture, the improved ring-staple for binding and suspending papers, &c.,'consisting of a broad-headed sheet-metal staple and a loop or ring hinged together, snbstantially as shown, to enable the loop or ring to` be opened or folded, substantially as set forth. GEORGE W. McGILL. Witnesses W. H. GREENLAND, FRANK S. ScRIMGnoUR.



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