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  • Publication Date: February 05, 1884
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"(No Model.)V E. J. HOFFMAN. ` PRBVBNTING- INGRUSTATI'ON IN STEAM BOIL'BRSf N0. 293,172. l Patented Peb. 5,1884. ` ,uf/Z? ATTORNEYS. i. UNITED STATas PATENT @Finca nDWAnD AJ. IIOFFMAN, 'OF SIOUX CITY, IOWA, AssIGNOa OF rrWO-THIRDs rro WILLIAM rr. FRFFD, OF sAMF FLAOF, AND WILLIAM H. nANsOM, OF MISSOURI `VALLEY, IOVA. PREVENTING INCRUSTATION IN STEAM-BOILERS. SPECIFICATION forming part of Leners Patent No. 293,172, dated Febuary 5, 182:4. AApplication filedQTune 16, 1853. (Nomcdel.) .To @ZZ 'whom t may con/cern) Be it known that I, EDWARD J. HOFFMAN, of Sioux City, in the county of Woodbury and State of Iowa, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Devices for Preventing Incrustation in Steam-Boilers5 and Ido hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, which will enable others skilled in the art to IO which it appertainsto make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form a part of this speciiication, and in which* Figure l is-a perspective view of my im- I 5 proved device or apparatus for preventing incrustation of or the forming of sediment in steam-boilers. Fig. 2 is a similar view of the same` with oneof its heads removed. Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view, and Fig. et is 2o a cross-section. ` Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the iigures'. l Myinvention has relation to devices for preventing the incrustation of steam-boilers; and it 'consists in the peculiar construction of a receptacle adapted to contain acement or composition which, when dissolved in the boiler, will eiectually prevent incrustation of the same. The object oi' my invention isto construct a receptacle which, while more especially adapted for the boilers of locomotives, may be used with any other kind of Asteam-boiler, and by the use of which there will be no waste in the use of the compound or composition. `As to thenature or manner of compounding` thiscomposition, I do not limit myself to any particular kind, my present invention having relation solely to the construction of the re- 4o ceptacle adapted to contain the compound or composition, and to feed the same` gradually to the water in the boiler in the proportion in which it may be required. In the accompanyingY drawings, A is a casing or receptacle in the shape of an cylinder, or it may be oval in cross-section, so that it may readily be inserted into the boiler through one of the hand-holes. The interior of this casing is divided by three diaphragms, B B B, into a central chamber, C, and three outer 5o chambers, D D D, the erosssection for each of which'presents in shape (when the casing is cylindrical in shape, as on the drawings) the segment oi a circle, while the central cham ber, C, istriangular in cross-section. Inserted through the central chamber or compartment, C, is a coiled spring, E, the straight ends e of whichproject out through central apertures, F, in the heads G of the casing or receptacle A. Inserted through each'of the 6o outside chambers or compartments, D, are twisted wires H, the ends o f which similarly project through apertures h in the heads G. The central compartment, C, communicates with the outer compartments, D, by notches or apertures c, cut ,in the diaphragms B, as shown more clearly in Fig.V 2 of the drawings. The anti-ncrustating compound or composition is poured into the compartments C and D D D, Where it will soon harden around the 7o Y central spring, E, and twisted wires H in their respective compartments. The Vreceptacle containing the compound being placed in the boiler, its contents will be gradually dissolved and fed by the ends of the coiled spring E and by the projecting ends of the twisted wires II through theapertures F and Il, in such quantities as to effectually answer the result withoutunnecessary Waste of material. IIa-ving thus described my-invention, I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United Statesy l. A case or receptacle adapted to contain compound or composition for preventing in- 8 5 crustation of steam-boilers, consisting of a closed casing of suitable shape containing one or more inside chambers or compartments adapted to contain the compound, and provided with wires having their ends projecting 9o through apertures in the heads of the casing, and adapted to feed the contents of the same gradually through the apertures, substantially as and for the purpose shown andset forth. 2. The apparatus for preventing incrusta- 95 tion of steam-boilers, consisting of a box or casing, A, of suitable shape, divided longitudinally by diaphragms B into a central compertinent, C, and outside compartments, D, In testimony that I claim the foregoing'as and provided with the coiled sp1-ing E and my own I have hereunto afxed my signature twisted Wires H, projecting out through apin presence of two Witnesses. ertures in the heads of the easing or reoepta- 5 ele, constructed and Combined substantially Vitnesses: as and for the purpose herein shown and set XVM. L. JAY, forth. I T. G. HENDERSON. EDWARD J. HOFFMAN.



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