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  • Publication Date: January 22, 1884
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(No Model.) R.,APPLEBY. CIGAR MOLD. No. 292,398. Patented Jan. 22, 1884. ' ATTORNEYS-v UNITED STATES PATENT OFF CE. REMSEN APPLEBY, on New YORK, N. Y. CIGAR: SPEGIFI'CATION forming part of Letters FMOLD; Patent No. 292,398, dated January 22, 1884. Application filed March 10, 1883. (No model.) part of a set of cigar-molds illustrating my improvement. Fig. 2 is'a perspective View of a portion of the upper part of the mold inverted. Fig. 3 is a front elevation of a part of the mold. Fig. 4. is a sectional elevation of the mold, taken through the line at to, Fig. 3; and Fig. 5 is an elevation ofthe inner side of a pair of tips. The object of the invention is to construct the tips with points and flanges, so that they may be rigidly secured to the molds, as hereinafter described. A represents the lower parts of, the molds, which are attached to a board, B. O are the upper parts of the molds, which are attached to a board, D. The parts 0 of the molds are centered upon the parts Aby dowel or guide pins E, attached to the board B, and which enter holes in the board D. F are tips, made of metal or other "suitable material, and which are recessed to give the proper shape to the heads of the cigars. The tips F are made with sharp edges around the recesses, which meet when the two parts of a mold are pressed together, so as to cut off the surplus tobacco, and thus prevent the tobacco in the heads of the cigars from being packed too closely. The forward ends, G, of the ordinary molds are cut away, as shown at H in Figs. 1, 2, and 4, to receive the tips F, which have points I upon'the side parts of their inner ends, as shown in Fig. 5, to enterthe forward ends of the molds A O, as shown in Fig. 4, and thus keep the said tips inplace. Upon the outer ends of the tips F are formed rearwardly projecting flanges J, which fit against the edges ofthe boards B D, and have inwardly-projecting points or edges upon their ends to enter the said boards, and thus aid in keeping the tips F in place. The tips F are secured in place by screws, which pass through holes in the flanges J and enter the edges of the boards B D. ' If desired, the tips F may be attached only to the upper molds, C, in which case the upper parts of the forward ends of the lower molds, A, are cut away, forming shoulders-K, the tips F of the uppermolds, O, strike to cut off the surplus tobacco, and which allow the cut-off parts or clippings to escape freely. In my Patent No. 161,651 the cutting-edges pass each other; but I'find this objectionable, because it causes the point of the cigar to be packed and to draw badly. In orderto avoid this, I make the edges to meet, thus still cutting off the surplus tobacco 'withoiit packing the cigar-point, and at the same time enabling me to secure the tips, so that they will not move and will do more accurate work. What I claim as new is The tips F, made with points I and flanges J, whereby they may be rigidly secured to the molds, as and for the purpose specified. REMSEN APPLEBY. , Vitnesses: Enwn. M.- CLARK, G. SEnc-wIoK. as shown in Fig. 1, against which the edges of



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