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  • Publication Date: October 30, 1883
  • Publication Number: US-287781-A



iiitirrnn STATES PATENT OFFICE. I (JASPAR I SHAFER, OF \VASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. MEDECATED. EFFERVESCENT SALTS. SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 287,781, dated October 30, 1883. Application filed September 19, 1883. (No specimens.) To an! whom, it may concern..- Be it known that I, CASPAR B. SHAFER, a citizen of the United States, residing at \Vashington, in the District of Columbia, have invented a new and useful Improvement to the class known as llledicated Effervescent Salts, of which the following is a specification. My improvement consists in taking the mass obtained from natural mineral water by evaporation, adding to the dry mass sufficient powdered acid and alkali to produce effervesccnce, and, where possible, a clear solution with agreeable flavor hen the compound is ready to be added to water in suflicicnt proportions, as from one-half to one tea-spoonful to a goblet of water. i It'has now become common to evaporate natural waters at alow temperature in shallow pans, and tlu'isconcentrate them in the same manner that salt is evaporated. The mineral product thus obtained is termed mass. The ciiervescent mass of Saratoga Vichy pring is made in the following manner: Thus, I take of powdered Saratoga Vichy mass three hundred and sixty grains, cit-ricacid-sixteen hundred and twenty grains; bicarbonate of soda, eighteen hundred grains. Other acids or acid salts as cream-tartar or other alkaline carbonate maybe used. The above proportions may be varied, and sugar or other flavoring may be added. This may be prepared in a granular form and permanent in .the air by mixing the materials, each separately welldried, with suiiicient strong alcohol to reduce to a moist condition, passing it through a somewhat coarse sieve and thoroughly drying it. If desired, a little oil of lemon may be dissolved in the alcohol. Amixture thus pre'- pared effervesces, upon the addition of water, to the last crumb. The granulation may be performed by other practiced methods. The mass of other waters 'may be prepared in like manner-as, for instance, Vichy, Janos, 'Hunyad i Carlsbad, Deep Rock, Mountain Val-' ley, Congress, Crab Orchard, 85c. eral waters, thus imitating the natural with artificial productions, and objectionable for the same reason which causes natural waters to be preferred to the factitious; but I am not aware that effervescent medicated mass- .has ever been produced from the natural mass, or in the manner here described. What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States, is 1. The process of preparing eflervescent natural mass, which consists in evaporating natural water until the salts therein contained are reduced to a dry powder, and then incorporating with the dry mass an acid or acid salt and a suitable carbonate. 2. Effervescent natural mass, substantially as set forth. 3. Effervescent natural mass, powder produced by evaporation na l or mineral water."- being the of medicicarbonate or bicarbonate. . CASPAR B- SHAFER. Witnesses: g .T.. FRANK 1VIELTON, F. L. H001). alkaline carbonate or aving incorporated therewith an acidor acid salt. and an alkaline Y i



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